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Tacoma Tuesday Ladies Night

The most wonderful Tacoma group

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to you today when I start talking about bellydancing.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a proud student of ucanto bellydance under the direction of Nancy Brown.  I take roughly two hours of classes about twice a week.  As far as addictions can go, I count myself lucky that my addiction is dance.

Tacoma Tuesday, as we loving refer to the Tuesday night classes, hosts more of the southern Puget Sound ladies that form ucanto’s student base.  I love these gals for a whole host of reasons.  One of the reasons I adore them is that I have watched 90% of them grow from never dancing ATS to being ready to move into a “leader” position in formation.  It’s a wonderful transformation to watch, and I can completely understand why Nancy would get the huge grin on her face when she watched me and my mates, Rich & Leslie, early on.  Not that she doesn’t still get that infectious grin, because she does, it just makes sense to me now why she looks like her face & heart are going to burst from pride.

There’s nothing like sharing your enthusiasm of something with someone else, whether it’s dance, art appreciation, music, baking, or ice cream.  Sharing something you’re passionate about with people who care – well, there’s nothing like it.  It’s a little like love, when I think about it.  It’s a common ground shared with another human being, and it brings you closer with that person whether  you actually care for them in other aspects of your life or not. It’s amazing.

Hair flowers abound!

Dancing with the ladies that come to the Tacoma classes has done a lot for me.  They’ve helped me improve who I am as a dancer.  They have also helped me realize that I really do want to progress forward enough to get my certifications from Carolena Nericcio of Fat Chance Belly Dance to do what Nancy does – share my love of this dance form with those who want to learn.  Because of the soft spot I have for the Tacoma ladies, I made them all hair flowers in honor of their first Cues & Tattoos as “students of ucanto.”

Cues & Tattoos is a weekend festival of dance showcases, dance workshops & lots of vendors.  It’s fabulous.  I love going.  This will be Troupe Hipnotica’s 5th year hosting Cues & Tattoos.  On a personal note, this will mark my 3rd year of performances as a student of ucanto bellydance, and my 2nd year as a member of Off the Cuff Tribal (the advanced students of ucanto.)  I’m personally so proud of how far we have all managed to progress is just a year, and hope as always we do this dance justice.



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