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Sex and the city goes back to the 1980s Thankfully, her costumes for the present day were a lot more flattering with sjp stepping out in a a beautiful white halston dress and 1, 975 christian louboutin pigalle gold sequinned heels for one scene. She also christian louboutin pumps sale changed into a purple crepe dress, clashing orange sunglasses and christian louboutin t bar shoes during filming. After filming several scenes alone, parker then joined chris noth who plays mr big for a romantic shot in a busy street. Carrie bradshaw back:Sarah jessica parker dresses up in the new christian louboutin sale uk sex and the city film All four of the female leads, sjp, cynthia nixon(Miranda hobbs), Kristin Davis(Charlotte york goldenblatt)And kim cattrall(Samantha jones)Are back for the sequel, which is scheduled christian louboutin womens platforms for release in may 2010. No plot details have been revealed yet but the story is expected to focus on carrie marriage to mr big.

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United states of gunn At first, i thought i wanted tim gunn to be president.But i don’t think he’d like that job.So now i’m proposing that he head up a cabinet department a national ministry of making it work.He’d be dedicated to helping us all reach our potential, by self editing and thinking long and hard about our decisions.He’d talk us through crises.He’d cry a little bit, but we’d understand.And sometimes, if we really begged him, he’d go with us for darling tandem bike rides through urban parks. And he’d certainly help us pick out wedding dresses, which, i know from experience, requires a team of advisers. (When i picked out mine, nine gulp!Years ago, i first went with my mother, then with my friends.The opinions proffered were strikingly different. )I favor simplicity in bridal gowns, so i agree with the judges that jerell’s and korto’s were wayyyy too much.To paraphrase michael kors, you don’t want too much stuff going on above, below, and around your boobs.And you definitely don’t want anything growing out of your hair. I’m having a hard time deciding whether i’d rather wear kenley’s or leanne’s.I think i might actually go with kenley’s, which looks like more fun to dance in. (Besides, it would probably give my relatives more shpilkes, which would be fun. )I love leanne’s structured dresses on an intellectual level, but i’m not sure i’d ever want to wear them.And as odious as kenley is did you find it as striking as i did that she didn’t introduce tim gunn to any of her friends?She seems to understand the spirit of a wedding.Or, at least, the spirit of a wedding i’d want to attend. But does her dress look too much like the alexander mcqueen feather dress that michael kors was likely referring to?You be the judge.Those who tend to be very defensive and kept”Arguing”With the critics.But she is much calmer this round.But who knows what will happen next? I don’t really appreciate her design as a matter of fact and i wonder if the judges have kept her so the viewers will see more drama during the finale? Posted by michael kors satchels blake fishball October 9, 08 03:44 PM You can’t say that michael kors isn’t on top of things.Good call on his part noticing how similar kenley’s dress was to the alexander mcqueen dress.I liked the tulle on kenley’s dress better than the mcqueen dress though.And yes, it did look like something out of swan lake. Also, it is interesting to read post after post about how great tim gunn is. He is so sincere and kind.I can’t believe that some of the contestants don’t listen to his advice.He always knows what he’s talking michael kors accessories uk about.I love tim! Posted by pam October 11, 08 06:59 AM Staged, Staged, Staged, Staged.I bet the guy behind the wall on the graSSy knoll who now workS for bravo Slipped the k girl an early draft of the vogue article including a photo(S)Of the mcqueen drEss(Es)So that the drama an controversy would entice carl rove and howard dean to don teddies and strut the runway in a winner take all showdown for the presidency.Who trusts anyone or anything anymore?What the heck i watch the show for entertainment not intellectual stimulation.Bravo bravo and project runway”You entertain me. Posted by c.Fenton trunt October 11, 08 11:33 AM Wait.I agree they are very, very, very simillar, with that said.The dress was seen by tim in august(Filming purposes)And it was quite a finished product.If.If she was copying the McQueen dress, don’t you think Tim would have said something at that time.Considering he is always fair, even to people who are not so nice.He gives Really good advice.Another thing, most designers keep such garments under wraps until the last moment.This dress is a falln 2008, again yes, i agree it’s a huuuuuuuuuge, little co winky dink, i can’t explain itBut i guess i do have to give kenley the benefit.But.Then again, when michael made his comment she did know what he was talking about. (Hmmm? )Makes me wonder. (Insert.Twilight zone music interlude)I’d have to make my decision on what the”Real”Time frame was.Will we ever know?

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Pocket sized survival fishing kit In this instructable, i will show you how to make a pocket sized survival fishing kit using an altoids tin.There are more uses to this kit than just fishing.The only thing is though, you’ll have to christian louboutin womens boots figure them out.They aren’t hard though, i promise. I am also n o t responsible for any injuries, or death that may come from using this kit.If these events do happen, it is due to your lack of thorough understanding how to use it and its components.I do not wish this extreme circumstance on anyone. Today first inning game, dingjunhui some slow start, with their opponent in a stalemate began after rested, dingjunhui spell a chance coach factory outlet to get a long, after his shield, the ball high quality go a chance to have won him, the result china single stem take 110 points prodigy, and to 110 9 take first.To enter the second, the 2011 2012 season the snooker player tournament stand(Ptc11)Coach outlet continue to 11.In a 1/8 in the final, china dingjunhui although two rod broken prodigy hundreds, but coach factory in a 3 1 lead of the good situation even lost three games, and eventually to 3 4 reversal by hamilton, no competition.Even throw in red bottoms the fourth morality lu finished 0 to 4 defeated tom ford, dingjunhui unbeaten.Be worth what carry is, in three coach factory online games and hamilton, dingjunhui shot high level, and won the champions league 1 and 2 of the good grades, so is the dingjunhui hamilton star. Dingjunhui up red bottoms shoes first four points, then see opportunity not beautiful choice defense, but coach factory outlet online hamilton also didn get too good opportunity.Both sides coach outlet store do a few stem in defense after battle, but sporadic score coach purses outlet help him down the will to 31 47.At this time of christian louboutin the situation very chaotic, the third inning china once christian louboutin cheap get 57 21 of the lead, but by the opponent christian louboutin outlet two shots hit 46 points in reverse.The fourth ought to land a lack of faith, and then lost game and results to 0 to 4 defeat by tom ford, for no competition.In other events, mark davis to 4 0 victory over makuier, to progress christian louboutin sale to the last eight will play hamilton.At one point, saleh palace mosque was bombed and he was treated in saudi arabia for severe burns. Red bottoms Red bottoms shoes He then clapped his hands a few times.Signature is not what is important, saleh said after signing the agreement.Is important is good intentions and christian louboutin shoes uk dedication to serious, loyal work at true participation to rebuild what has been destroyed by the crisis christian louboutin on sale during the last 10 months.Would stand by the yemeni people they embark on this historic transition.This is my first published instructable, but not my first project in the works for instructables.I am currently am working on a cross form parachute project that was supposed to be my first instructable, but i wanted to get into the pocket sized contest, so i was forced to make this one my first.Please check out the parachute instructable when i post it.You might enjoy it more than this one.

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Saks fifth avenue launches new third floor with charlize theron and designer guests New york, sept.10 /PRNewswire/ After a year long renovation, Saks Fifth Avenue celebrated the unveiling of the new designer floor in their New York flagship, home to 49 of the world’s finest designer collections.The dinner co hosted by charlize theron and vogue served as the floor’s official debut. Charlize theron in dior exclusive dress for saks fifth avenueanna wintour wearing calvin klein collection laser cut velvet dressblake lively wearing victoria beckham, christian louboutin shoes and lorraine schwartz jewelrytaraji b.Henson in kaufman francoalexis bledel wearing christian siriano actress michelle monahan in j.Mendelstylist rachel zoe wearing prabal gurungmargherita missoni in zac posenbruce weber designer guests included:Calvin klein collection’s francisco costa, carolina herrera, oscar de la renta, zac posen, marchesa’s georgina chapman, proenza schouler’s lazaro hernandez jack mccollough, vera citrec christian louboutin wang, erdem moralioglu, christian siriano, derek lam, kaufman franco’s isaac franco, ken kaufman, naeem khan, aquilano rimondi’s tommaso aquilano. Lauren bush david lauren, models doutzen kroes and trish goff, serena boardman, annelise peterson, bee shaffer, olivia chantecaille grady, dr.Lisa airan, alexis bryan morgan, helen schifter, marjorie gubelmann, zani gugelmann, steven kolb, dayssi olarte de kanavos, fabiola beracasa along with vogue’s meredith melling burke, kathryn neale shaffer, lauren santo domingo, lauren dupont, marina rust, stephanie winston wolkoff, virginia smith, alexandra kotur, filipa fino and sylvana soto ward. 160 designers, editors and friends louboutin outlet of Saks Fifth Avenue sat on one long table down the center of the 50, 000 square foot space.In light of fashion week starting, saks fifth avenue and vogue, aware many were designers rushing back to their collections, offered levain chocolate chip cookies in the gift bag as dessert to take back to their studios(Along with a custom john derian”3″Paperweight). Saks fifth avenue displayed 32 one of a kind cocktail dresses created exclusively for the launch by some of the floor’s renowned designers such as marc jacobs, alexander mcqueen, vera wang, dior, zac posen, oscar de la renta, jil sander, and many more.To feature the complete collection of louis vuitton, and a new fifth avenue club the private shopping christian louboutin womens flats environment with spectacular views overlooking rockefeller center and st.Patrick’s cathedral.

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Some advises on dressing etiquette in ralph lauren online shop wedding you should know Wedding dress etiquette for ralph lauren uomo tees the bride The traditional color of wedding dresses of brides are white, which is seen as a symbol of the virginal innocence and purity.But today a slight change in color of wedding gowns is perfectly acceptable.Variations of white, such as ivory and pale pastels are frequently adopted today and go very far in creating a different effect for the ceremoney.In olden days, widow brides were only allowed to wear lilac or lavender wedding gowns nowadays this is no longer the rule.They can choose to wear the wedding dress in the color they choose.Frequently, cream an ivory are popular colors among them.Concerning weddings held in church, wedding apparel should be more traditional and formal, although an ivory colored wedding dress is not improper.If the bride is apt to wear a low back style or a tube wedding gown, it is recommendable for her have her shoulder covered with semi transparent cloth or a veil.In contrast, civil wedding ceremony or wedding held at the registry office allows more freedom of brides.However, since weddings are a big event in one’s life, a large number of brides still stick with the classic wedding apparel.Sometimes a too much formal wedding apparel is just not necessary.What about bridesmaids?Commonly, bridesmaids need to wear the apparel that the ralph lauren bambini bride has chosen for them.The bridesmaids might wear different style of dresses from each other, with the same color, which should be decided by the bride. Traditional wedding attire of the male members of the family is daywear.With respect to weddings hold in evening, the bridegroom is to be dressed in a tuxedo with a black bow tie.At civil ceremonies, grooms’ wedding attire should be in step with the fashion of the wedding dresses of the brides.For example, if the bride’s gown is a summer wedding dress, then the groom is advised to wear a soft, flowing, linen polo and a pair of beige cotton pants to keep the same summery look of the bride’s wedding dress.Ushers, the best man, and male attendants should wear according to the groom. Wedding dress etiquette for guests In the circumstance where the bride wears a formal wedding dress, the rest of the people in the wedding party should also wear formal dresses.One thing that is to be noted that the bride’s mother and the mother of the groom should not be dressed in the same color.And the groom takes the job to decide on the attire of the fathers.Ordinarily the choice is rather limited to morning dress and black tie.The invitations should be sent specifying if the wedding is very formal or not.Mostly, invitations formally sent ask the recepients to wear formal attires.Even though the wedding ceremony is not formal enough, male guests are ordinarily told to wear black tie, while females wear evening gowns to match.

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I was not happy as i had paid extra to have cheap ray ban sunglasses uk a spa We arrived at this resort for the final 5 days of our thailand trip.We arrived after a 40 minute journey from the airport to find the resort.Very pretty hotel in lush surroundings.A great welcome drink and friendly staff although slow to check you in.We had been informed by our travel agent trailfinders that there was building work going on in the hotel however we would not be affected bu this as it was in a secluded location away from the villas.However when we were taken to our villa we found that the villa infront was being upgraded and building work was going on.Whilst sitting at the reception we could also hear the work.It appeared to be all over the resort.I was not happy as i had paid extra to have a spa villa.I had luckly taken the letter from trailfinders.I compained about the fact i had been placed in this villa and showed the hotel staff the letter from trailfinders.I was told that there were no other spa villas or pool villas left.However it was not all bad as i was then transfered to the 5 star resort in cheweng the grand centara resort.A boost and given a pool villa.It just goes to show that if you smile and keep your cool they thai people will help you in anyway they can.I was delighted with the way my complaint was handled and can only commend the staff at centara villas.However i would say that this resort is in the middle of no where and if you want a quiet holiday with no action what so ever then this is the place.However if you would like a little excitment then this is not the place.It is a 30 minute drive from cheweng and about 15 from lami.The woman at trailfinders told me i could walk into lami from the hotel.Yes i could but it would take me about a day!I also would like to say taxi fares from airport to centara villas are 900 bhat. We stayed in a pool villa and were very pleased with the villa and the private garden with pool.The room was immaculate and the domestic staff were fantastic.Our room was cleaned thoroughly each day and toiletries and water replaced, with a pool villa you also get a turn down service and two free cocktails each night.In brief:1.With the expection of breakfast(Whihc was good)We chose not to eat in the hotel as it was very pricey compared to eating in restaurants.The hotel does a scheme where you can buy money and they will give you some free even doing this it is more expensive than eating out.2.Visit the two local restaurants and the bar down the road.Fishermans, baracuda and cocobola bar.The food at both restaurant is great and the cocktails at the bar are not to be missed.We didn’t make it to cool bar.3.There are no grocer shops locally, the hotel runs a taxi service into lamai and chaweng, so unless you have hired a bike or car stock up on supplies.4.There is an aquarium and zoo nearby, if you are going to pay them a visit check the times of the live shows as we paid to see the tiger show and the sea lions but in fact we had missed the last showing of the sea lion sow the person on the till didn’t tell us this when we bought our tickets!5.Have a spa treatment, the price is similar to the uk but it is definitely worth it.6.We did a day trip to the marine part it was fantastic and well worth the money7.I’d also advise seeing the thai boxing in chaweng, a very entertaining evening. Centara villas is an excellent place to stay in samui.It is situated in a quiet area surrounded by lush vegetation and the odd gecko.Yes there are lots of steps but hey after eating all that thai food the exercise is much appreciated.Room was better than i expected and cleaned daily.Only problem was the hotel food and drink prices.We knew before we went that it might be pricey but one day we were gagging for a cold drink so i asked at the reef bar for 2 iced teas and received 2 cans of liptons ice tea for 200baht 4.Considering that these can be bought in a shop for 15baht each i was a little taken aback.We didn’t buy from the hotel again.On the last day we wanted some coconut jam to take home which the hotel sold, we asked the price before buying and including taxes it came to around 7 so we did without.I don’t like being ripped off.Out of the hotel and turn right, at the bottom of the small hill you will find the fishermans outlet.The food here is excellent and good value.2 starters, 2 mains, 2 desserts, 2 large beers, 2 coconut juices(Fresh coconut with the top lopped off)15 bargain and we were stuffed.The tiger prawns are awesome as is the penang curry.A little walk further down, there is a small shop, the last one on the left up a little step.You can buy drinks and snacks etc at good prices and the family who run it are really friendly but don’t speak much english.Lamai, well not too good really.Chaweng, a pain in the backside with all the tailors hassling you.In the end all the shops are selling the same stuff so look around, you will always find it cheaper down the road.Worth a look to get the prezzys to take home but not worth a second visit.And do offer stupid prices, they sometimes go for it but watch out for the indian shopkeepers, they won’t budge.Get a jeep from the hotel for 24 hours it has full insurance so nothing to worry about and you can see the whole island in a day.Now lets get on to this much talked about cool bar, walk over the rocks to the left of the beach(Might need to paddle a bit depending on tides)And about 50 yards away is a little scruffy hut selling cocktails and beer.Yes the young couple are nice who run it, but to the people who say they are going back just because of the cool bar, i say why?Its a scruffy little hut.It was nice to stroll over for a cold beer in the afternoon but would i go back just because of it?Nope.The prices are more expensive that the local restaurants, while i was there the price of beer went up a whopping 25% and to be honest the cocktails were far from spectacular.The fishermans outlet put a lot of effort into their cocktails and the service was superb, add this to the fair price made it a no brainer really.So we visited the scruffy little hut 3 times but couldn’t see the attraction.We would definitely go back to centara villas but not because of the cool bar.All in all a fantastic holiday.Shame bmi screwed up the internal flights both ways.But thats another loooong story.Go you will like it. Centara villas are situataed on a hill side amongst lush vegetation the villas are comfortable and adequate as mentioned with the complex set on a hillside people with walking difficulties may find the steps too much.The staff at hotel very friendly and helpful at all times the bars and dining area were clean and tidy nice place to relax having said that the hotel could think about dropping the price of drinks.From our own experience we had a fantastic time at the hotel and would return.If you choose to eat out from the hotel down the hill there are two equally good returants the fishermen and the baracuda service and food at both are fantastic.Next door to the fisherman is the relax time massage which we highly recommend for all massages the staff are both capable and friendly.Across the road is the cocobola internet cafe bar large drinks and great pool tables and as usaul for thailand happy friendly owners.A short stroll left of the pool you will come to the pool bar run by a fantastic young couple who will show you great hospitality and make you feel welcome.All in all fantastic chill out holiday.Also there are various trips to other islands, elephant treks and so on.So you can make the holiday as adventurous as you like. We booked this hotel and then read some of the comments on here.Mostly excellent but there is the odd scary one.This did put us on alert a bit before we got there but having stayed and loved every minute i can’t see how anyone could not like the place.Yes there are quite a lot of steps but that comes with staying at a resort that is placed on a hillside and this is well advertised so shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.In fact its part of what makes it such a lovely spot.We found it good exercise for burning off the calories from all the excellent food and as long as you are generally fit you would not have any problem.Wouldn’t advise it to anyone with walking difficulties though as they could struggle.It is a little away from the main parts of the island but perfect for a peaceful break.If you do want to get out, even to shops you will need a car or use the hotel shuttle bus but you must book for this and you are tied in with their times of service etc.Our scooter did the entire main round the island road in an afternoon wit a few stop offs so you’re never that far from anywherethe comments about the drinks prices are all genuine they were ridiculous and prices were the only thing that really annoyed the guests.We’ve paid less in london for them and just don’t see where the hotels management are coming from on this. (Wake up guys if you read this and get some sense into your pricing regime)If you do have the guts to open the minibar for heavens sake, do not drink anything do what we did and empty it all out, place it by the side and take a trip to the seveneleven and restock it with your own beers for a fraction of the price.This goes for the bars too as you could get two or three drinks anywhere else for the price of one of theirs.They really have priced their customers off site for drinks and that brings me to the cool bar, which i will mention in a bit.You do get a couple of bottles of mineral water each day complimentary but they are really for brushing your teeth, so that you do not use the taps.Showering etc ok but don’t use the taps for washing your tooth brush.When we booked the option was there for half board, which basically meant we could eat anything we wanted from any menu for breakfast and dinner.Considering we ate lobster most nights i think we got our monies worth on this and the food really is fantastic.They have a theme night buffet each night which is more like a carvery and alongside this there is an a la carte menu.This was great.We worked our way through most of it and only had the odd problem but that was due to us not noticing the chilli symbol next to the item that blew our heads off with spices.Breakfast was a buffet with a chef on hand to cook your eggs how you want them.Usual breakfast buffet that you would get anywhere but very good.Some odd looking sausages but they tasted good whatever they were made of.The island is full of backpacking dogs and cats who may well pitch up next to your table but the staff do usher them away.Being predominantly buddhist religion and their beliefs in reincarnation they may well come back as a cat so are still very gentle when they move them on and this is something that happens all over the island, so not just this hotel(Alternatively you could just let them stay for dinner and have the odd tit bit! )The hotel bars do have a happy hour between 5 7 each night but they even manage to get a trick or two into this with drink prices.The drinks are half price but you have to order two of the same to qualify.More binge drinking than happy hour as we knew it and you won’t get a free poured measure.Villa was cleaned each day, turn down service appeared each night to get your bed ready but we declined this most night unless they’d been in while we were out.To be honest there wasn’t much between the standard rooms and ours worth worrying about and after seeing a couple of spa/pool villas we didn’t feel we were missing much there either.The hotel does offer wi fi but at 100bt for 110mins this was something we believed they could have offered as a free service.Plus even if you do take you own lap top you have to go to a lounge to log onto the system. (Would suggest checking the colour of your bike before you sign up as two fellas on a pink scooter did get a few laughs).Just wait until you see where and how they sell the gasoline for your vehicle.As we had the moped i did find lots of easy to get to deserted beaches, so you’re not trapped with this one.You just have to get out and explore.The reef was disappointing and although the guides will tell you koh samuis reefs were killed off by elninio, these were definitely destroyed by dynamite fishing methods that used to go on.You can even see where the blasts happened, so the elninio story is a bit of a farce.Take easy days and see them at leisure.The religious sites are all worth a look and we discovered that the mummified monk has a twin in another village but this one doesn’t wear ray ban sunglasses.Big buddha gets all the travel press attention but it’s probably the least interesting of all.The food markets were great and if you’ve got the michael palin gene to try some of the food, we thought it was great.Just look at where you are buying from to judge hygiene for yourself, although we didn’t have any tummy problems at all throughout the holiday.If street food isn’t your thing tesco lotus(Lamai beach and chewang)Is highly recommended.You’ll see some odd things in there!The massage girls will scream out their”Massage massage”Cries like wailing tabbies but they are harmless and shouldn’t be seen as part of the sex trade.They are just trying to earn a living sorting out our aches and pains.The lady boys in chaweng had better figures than the women and i have to say were slightly more refined.I have my reservations about using animals in tourist traps and although we avoided the zoo and monkey zoo the elephants that do the trekking are really loved by their owners and well looked after.Watch out though as one threw a palm branch at me!If you want to see monkeys find them in the wild.They give off a hooting sound and when you hear this look for a tree shaking somewhere near you.They shout their abuse and are gone before you have time to get the camera out but a sighting in itself was lovely.The magic garden(80bt entry)Was a very peacefully little valley filled with ornate statues and a cascade stream running though it.Only really a half hour or so visit but a nice place to climb around.The only place we visited that was a total let down was the butterfly garden, opposite the hotel.Butterfly not butterflies is the main point here.Someone has obviously let them all out as the only residents were a few pretty blue ones that weren’t really that special.It became a bit of a joke with other tourists in there to see who might actually see something different but none of us did.Its just an overgrown bit of jungle under some netting and definitely not a butterfly garden.The two main towns are lamai and chaweng both have lovely beaches but full of hawkers and a lot of hastle.The towns have the shops when you need them but compared with the rest of the island they really are two big noisy pricey blots on the landscape. “Nightmare in benedorm”, at night.The cool bar walk down to the hotel beach, turn left along the sand and look for the line of candles showing you the way.The hotel drinks prices will send you on this journey but you will be glad you did when you sit back with your beer or cocktail on the beach.Nothing glamorous just a coconut and bamboo structure but the atmosphere that oozes out of this little establishment is priceless.Run by two locals, un duan who give you a first hand experience of dealing with the locals.Lovely couple who will do all that they can to make sure you’re enjoying yourselves.Don’t fall for the toothpick trick they try on any new customers and if un wants to play cards, you will loose!The pack we played with had about 87 cards in it, 4 of them being the 10 or hearts for some reason.Drink prices are what they should be and the huge cocktail list is very popular.You can eat here and the food is sent by moped from a restaurant that is very close called the barracuda. (Didn’t eat at the barracuda ourselves but many did and loved the place)Also worth noting that un and duan run the travel agency and are just about the best place to go to hire vehicles, mopeds etc and arrange a trip for half the price of anywhere else locally.This bar is one of the reasons we are going back next year and they really helped make the holiday very special.You’ll love them!We met some really lovely people at the cool bar.All ages but all playing together and having fun in the sun!If you’re the loud abusive type then this isn’t the bar for you!Apart from the hotels prices issues, 99% of it all really was fantastic and koh samui is a real gem of a place.When you land at the airport get your camera out, as you wont find an arrivals lounge like it and even has a tropical fish tank in the gents loos.It felt safe, looked stunning and to see islanders who really have very little to call their own smile the way these people do was inspiring. (Bit of a tip when they hold their hands in prayer to acknowledge you, don’t over do it in reply.Either just nod and smile of give a slightly less gestured copy of what hey have done.Over do it and they wont be offended but you will look a bit of an idiot and have missed the point of what they just did)Have fun we did! We stayed in a garden villa which was very nicely decorated although it did leak wen we had heavy rain.We did ask to have it fixed 3 times but to no avail so just went with it in the end.Un and dwong are a fantastic couple and really made sure that everyone was having a good time.Its really inexpensive to drinkl and you can order food which is delivered from baracuda.They really made our holiday with their hospitality and we met some great people there too. On the southern tip of koh samui, near the traditional fishing village of hua tanon, is the centara villas samui.With its own private frontage on natien beach., the resort villas cascade down a hillside to the fine white sand of the Gulf of Thailand.

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Luxottica’s moat makes for a good long Luxottica is responsible for controlling over 80% of the world’s major eyewear brands, giving it a near monopoly. Luxottica’s brand recognition gives it tremendous pricing power, and its 7, 000 retail locations keep profits in house while keeping potential competitors at bay. Luxottica(Nyse:Lux) is an Italian eyewear responsible for the design, manufacturing, and distribution of fashion,Luxury, and sport eyewear, operating in manufacturing and wholesale distribution, as well as retail distribution. Through manufacturing and wholesale distribution,Luxotticaproduces eyewear through its house brands, including Ray Ban, Oakley, Vogue, and more, as well as through licensed brands, such as Burberry, Chanel, Dolce Gabbana, and just about every designer brand one can imagine. On top of that,Luxottica’s retail distribution network includes LensCrafters, Sunglass Hut, Pearle Vision, and others. In sum,Luxotticais responsible for controlling over 80% of the world’s major eyewear brands. The company’s domination of the global eyewear market gives it a competitive advantage over its competitors;In other words, it has an economic moat.Economic moats are key for a long term success of a company.Of course, for a moat to be worth anything, the company’s competitive advantage has to be sustainable, and there are a few reasons why luxottica’s moat has that sustainable advantage. The first of these is the brand recognition accompanying both luxottica’s in house and licensed brands.Despite cheaper alternatives being available, consumers are still willing to spend extra money for high quality, designer eyeglasses that make a fashion and social statement.Because of the status of many of these brands, luxottica is able to charge a huge markup on its products, giving it tremendous pricing power.For example, after ray ban was acquired by luxottica in 1999, the company has been able to raise its prices from an average of $30 a pair to over $150 a pair.Intangible assets, such as this brand recognition, are one of the key indicators of an economic moat, as they can deter a competitor from having success in the market, no matter how great the competitor’s product might be.For luxottica, the fact that it simply has so many brands with brand recognition is an even better sign, as it is less susceptible to a single brand falling out of style and taking a chunk out of its profits. These brands also benefit from the fact that they are still Made in italy, even though they could easily be Made in china for less money.A consumer, seeing the”Made in italy”Tag on a pair of sunglasses, will have a much higher perception of value than they would if they saw a”Made in china”Label, as italy is highly regarded in the fashion industry.This gives luxottica pricing power over its foreign competitors.So, although the company could save money in the short run by making its eyewear in china, over the long run it is much more beneficial for it to make its products in italy.It is important to note, however, that luxottica does have production facilities in china, the united states, and brazil, as well as the six it has in italy.These facilities primarily exist because they are close to its four main distribution centers, which are strategically located to serve its major markets.Still, the majority of the manufacturing is done in italy. The next reason for luxottica’s sustainable moat is its retail distribution network, which in total accounts for over 7, 000 locations throughout the world.This causes the profits to stay within the company, without an intermediary to take its share of the money.It also allows it to dictate the pricing and strength of its competitors by using its market position to maintain high eyewear prices.Simply put, competitors are going to have a hard time overtaking luxottica when they have to put their products in luxottica’s stores to get exposure. Lastly, we can also quantitatively ray bans sunglasses say that luxottica has an economic moat.Table 1 below shows that over the past 10 years, its return on invested capital has been higher than its current wacc of 7.59% in every year except 2009.This is important because it shows that the company is consistently creating value from its invested capital.If luxottica failed to do so and had its wacc higher than its roic, investors would be better off putting their money in a company that doesn’t have an eroding value.However, since luxottica is creating value, combined with the other factors mentioned above, we can definitively say that it has an economic moat, and is in a good position to have that moat remain for the foreseeable future.2005200720092014

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Official art basel and louboutin shoes sale miami launch of christian louboutin christian louboutin sale and piper heidsieck Information \\ reserveeric milon and michael capponi host le rituel, a collaboration between piper heidsieck champagne idolized shoemaker christian louboutin.Louboutin breathes new life into a legend born at the russian ballet in the 1880s, when ballerinas christian louboutin mens boat shoes were celebrated by adoring gentlemen spectators who toasted the dancers performance with champagne filled slippers.Louboutin crystal stiletto flute reinvents the scandalous ritual for haute couture at a time when we all crave excitement and escapism the most.Red carpet promptly at 11pm with a complimentary champagne til midnight by piper heidsieck.Terror travels:Surviving the oman house at the end of cielo drivea home constructed mere feet from the site where sharon tate was murdered has become a hotbed of paranormal activity.From full body apparitions to noises no human could possibly make, the oman.Caring for the health of your lips:They not just there for beautywhile some products use harsh chemicals and powerful natural extracts to ‘plump’ the lips, the systematic damage of the delicate tissues of the lips can lead to the premature aging of this area.

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Postville radio’s jeff abbas profiled in the columbia journalism review I also would like to extend best wishes to jeff and let him know people in town realize what he has had to sacrifice, personally, financially and socially to help bring out the truth of a corrupt town.It is so sad that so many have turned corrupt in this town, which isn how many of them were raised, but has seemed to happen since the arrival of the rubbishkings!Greed of money and promises has brought many to their knees.It is a shame that many were so threatened by a radio announcer that they have made it impossible for him to do his job by not paying him his wages, making him answer to a panel(Which so many had a hidden interest/ties with the rubbishkings), and finally making his personal life and health suffer.How outsiders can come into a town and influence so many and claim they have done nothing wrong is mind blogging.I hope jeff can get justice in the end because i sure he has many contacts which would love to do a piece on this town.I also sure them contacts can/will have ways of”Digging”Up the truth.They all may think they have won the race so far but remember the turtle in the race?It is long from being over! Again, thank you jeff for all you did when nobody else cared.I may have not agreed with all the things you did at times, but that ok, because in the end you have gained my respect and trust, and that doesn come easily in this town. March 20, 2009 at 01:22 PMChristian Louboutin trademark glistening red soles are an undoubted note of ahead of excellence.7 January 1964, Paris, France)Is a french footwear conniver whose initiator is cabinetmaker rogerchristian louboutin to hand from matches latest apparatus online with a 14 open handed open returns policy.Matches instrumentation, retirement community to intriguer fashionbrowse on sale christian louboutin instruct bags, sandals, pumps, boots more.Boutique other deviser discounts from the most cachet manner outletchristian louboutin, a french deviser is complementary of the men most well received shoe designers.His distinctly styled shoes are without difficulty obtainable in a heterogeneity of crayon patternsshop the latest refrain in from christian louboutin at complementary of the king size dignified online stores to scrimp self indulgence fashion.Smooth delivery.Intransigent payment.Coition christian louboutin purchasing uk free up be your a one choice. [url=louboutin womens pumps/christian louboutin rose carved pumps black]christian louboutin rose carved pumps black[/url] [url=louboutin womens pumps/christian louboutin calypso pumps blue black]christian louboutin calypso pumps blue black[/url] [url=louboutin womens sandals/christian louboutin fernando sandals nude]christian louboutin fernando sandals nude[/url] [url=louboutin womens sandals/christian louboutin paquita crepe satin sandals black]christian louboutin paquita crepe satin sandals black[/url] [url=louboutin womens slingback/christian louboutin no prive fabric slingbacks pink]christian louboutin no prive fabric slingbacks pink[/url] [url=]cheap christian louboutin pumps[/url] Animal welfare petition calling for ban on all un stunned slaughter rockets to top of all government petitions, but british government says it won’t listen anyway, won’t ban shechita or halal Video:Ringling brothers barnum and baily circus’ jewish human female cannonball Top rabbi confronted cheap louboutin shoes accused pedophile todros grynhaus, court hears After 18 years of refusal, man finally gives wife a get Police raid home in haredi town, confiscate large quantity of dangerous illegal fireworks Reliance on smartphones linked to lazy thinking Earliest known fossil remains of human ancestor found in ethiopia The columbia journalism review: “[Jeff] Abbas passed the video to Shmarya Rosenberg, a blogger in St.Paul, minnesota, who has provided some of the best coverage of the raid and its aftermath;A few days later, the video was referenced in the new york times. ” The forward: “The indictments were first reported on the blog failedmessiah. ” The forward:Blogger christian louboutin womens boots focuses on orthodox foibles Ha’aretz:Jewish christian louboutin sale bloggers to gather in jerusalem The village voice:The fall of the house of rubashkin Tablet magazine:Blogger charges jerusalem online university tricking secular students into orthodoxy

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The wwe is cashing in on eddie”Hot stuff”Gilbert though he’s been dead for 20 years.At least according to his family, which is dragging the league to court to get a cut of the action.

According to docs.Eddie’s dad, tommy gilbert, is in charge of the estate and says the wwe is plastering his son’s image and likeness all over tv and other media platforms without permission and, more importantly, without paying them a dime.

Tommy says old wrestling footage of eddie a pro from ’79 until his death of a heart attack in ’95 is being used to promote the wwe.Eddie’s fam isn’t suing to block use of the footage they just want a judge to force the wwe to fork over a share of its profits, plus damages.

A wwe rep tells us,”Through the years, wwe has acquired the legal rights to library footage of various former wrestling organizations including extreme championship wrestling(Ecw), World Championship Wrestling(Wcw)And mid southern wrestling among many others.

Game’s had his troubles lately on the hardwood.He punched an off duty cop during a game last month after the 2 got into it.Cop sued, and game allegedly attacked a member of the team that served him with the lawsuit.Are also investigating the incident.

He makes it clear he’s had his problems with cops.Not all of them, but certainly some.Acknowledges some cops are good, but he has a game plan when he gets close to those who aren’t.

Floyd Mayweather’s camp has a message for manny pacquiao enjoy your”Mayweather”Punching bag while you can.’cause it’s the ONLY way you’re gonna beat up on Floyd’s face.Simpson fame).Who commissioned the piece from a popular artist.Spoke with a bunch of guys from the money team who tell us floyd got a good laugh out of the bag but made one thing clear, it’s only fueling floyd’s anti pacquiao fire.For the artist.Gena milanesi tells tmz sports the bag’s not just for show the artwork has been coated with a special varnish so it can take whatever beating.

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Britt mchenry’s getting no sympathy from fellow female sports media star jillian barberie who tells tmz sports what the espn reporter did was”Horrible”.And she needs a serious attitude adjustment, stat.

Jillian who worked on the”Nfl on fox”For 10 years was out at craig’s last night and told us she knows what it takes to make it in the industry and would never have been so disrespectful.

“I think it’s horrible.You have to be gracious,”Barberie said. “Be nice to the people that are helping you out. ”

There’s more jillian’s never been shy when it comes to speaking her mind.Kings superstar jarret stoll boyfriend of erin andrews was arrested in vegas on suspicion on drug possession.For allegedly bringing cocaine and ecstasy to a vegas pool party.

According to local reports, 32 year old stoll was busted friday at the wet republic pool party at the mgm grand.

Stoll was reportedly taken into custody by the las vegas metro police department.Unclear if andrews was with him at the time.

Stoll was taken to clark county detention center where he was booked.He was released on a $5, 000 bail.

Stoll was clearly in vegas to unwind after the kings were eliminated from contention from the nhl playoffs.Kings have issued a statement saying,”We are aware of police reports out of clark county, nevada regarding jarret stoll. ”

“Our organization is concerned and has begun conducting a thorough internal investigation.While we continue to actively gather facts, we are withholding further comment at this time. ”

Not everyone at espn wants britt mchenry back on the air with several employees(Including on air talent)Telling us plain and simple”She should have been fired. ”

We spoke with a whole bunch of espn employees.From producers to production people and even famous faces.And not one person said they’re down with the 1 week suspension.High level producer tells us,”She’s the worst.Hopefully she’ll be fired soon. ”

Another person told us,”[What she did] reflects on all of us at ESPN.She will be fired soon.If not, i’ll be shocked. ”

“She came off more than rude in that clip.It seems like she needs some humble pie,”Says another espn staffer. “[ESPN] can find a million Britt McHenrys to replace her. ”

One famous espn’er(Who also didn’t want to be named)Told us,”Put it like this, she’s replaceable. ”

We reached out to britt for comment but so far, it’s radio silence.

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